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St. Gerard Maiella Foundation, was created following the healing of Angelo Compierchio (terminally ill), following the appearance of the saint in his wife's dream. For many years Angelo strived in organizing a pilgrimage to Saint Lucy's Church in Newark, New Jersey, USA. The peak of his work of devotion to St. Gerard Maiella happened with the donation of the statue of St. Gerard Maiella. Angelo Compierchio bought the statue of the Saint with his own resources, then many faithful people Guardiesi, Vallatesi, Andrettesi, Santangiolesi, Morresi, Murolucanesi, Calabresi and members belonging to the foundation participated with donations. Since 2005 the Foundation was registered as a Charitable Foundation. The Committee includes  10 to 14 Members and Angelo Compierchio is the Honorary President. The Foundation with the help of all members and the Compierchio Family in recent years, has continued in the works of charity and has expanded the knowledge of our blessed St. Gerard Maiella in the city of Toronto, the province of Ontario and Canada. We always thank the beloved Angelo for his work,  and his Family for continuing “ His LEGACY”. Angelo, the Foundation Committee and Your Family promise You  to spread and make known the life and the name of St. Gerard Maiella for many years to come, Thank You.

Angelo Compierchio  IS  St. Gerard Maiella Foundation.

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